70th Annual NIWFA Championships
Stevens Institute of Technology
        Olympians Trophy
1   Temple University
2   James Madison University
3   Stevens Institute ofTtechnology
4   Johns Hopkins University
5   Vassar College
6   Fairleigh Dickinson University
7   Drew University
8   University of Virginia FC
8   Hollins College
10   U.S. Military Academy
11   Bard College
12   Hunter College
13   City College of New York
14   Haverford College
            FOIL TEAM
Mildred Stuyvesant Fish Trophy
1   Temple University
2   James Madison University
3   Stevens Institute of Technology
4   Drew University
5   Johns Hopkins University
6   Vassar College
7   Fairleigh Dickinson Uniuversity
8   U. S. Military Academy
9   Hunter College
10   University of Virginia FC
11   Hollins College
12   Haverford College
13   Bard College
           EPEE TEAM
    Raymond Miller Trophy
1   Temple University
2   James Madison University
3   Johns Hopkins University
4   Stevens Institute of Technology
5   Fairleigh Dickinson University
6   Vassar College
7   Hollins College
8   University of Virginia FC
9   Bard College
10   City Collegeof New York
11   Drew University
12   U. S. Military Academy
13   Haverford College
14   Hunter College
     Julia Jones Trophy
1   Marisa Barnes-Hopkins Temple University
2   Coleen Hicks James Madison University
3   Jaime Beecher Temple University
4   Donna D'Acuinto Fairleigh Dickinson Uniuversity
5   Julie Stultz Vassar College
6   Cathy DeMarco Temple University
7   Lisa Delaney Temple University
8   Fran Caggiano Drew University
9   Tiffany Little James Madison University
10   Isabelle Alvarez Hunter College
11   Pam traisak Johns Hopkins University
12   Tina Zottoli Stevens Institute of Technology
Salle Santelli Women's Epee Team Trophy
1   Gina DeIeso Temple University
2   Erica Wilder Temple University
3   Kimberely Yasutis University of Virginia FC
4  Locket Allbritton Vassar College
5   Kim Roberts James Madison University
6   Sarah Powell Temple University
7   Catie Webb Fairleigh Dickinson University
8   Marcy Miller James Madison University
9   Ida Tennant James Madison University
10   Leslie Tyrie Stevens Institute of Technology
11   Rosie Reyes Stevens Institute of Technology
12   Rosalind Mott Johns Hopkins University