84th Annual NIWFA Christmas Invitational 2015

Sunday, December 06, 2015 - Rutgers University

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1 Caroleen Chen Stevens Institute of Technology
2 Allison Berdichevsky Hunter College
3 Sabrina Decopain Queens College
4 Jeanette Ng Rutgers University
5 Jane Cruz Stevens Institute of Technology
6 Elaine Xiao Rutgers University
T7 Kaia Heimer-Bumstead Smith College
T7 Emily Saul University of Virginia
9 Jessica Miller U.S. Naval Academy
10 Gauri Badrish Rutgers University
11 Nicole Michaels Queens College
12 Emily Lynch Mount Holyoke College
13 Angela Cheung City College of New York
14 Salina Liller University of Maryland
15 Lillian Whithaus Bryn Mawr College
16 Lucia Lee U.S. Naval Academy
17 Jessica Hall Hunter College
18 Arcadia Kratkiewicz Smith College
19 Lorna Mitchison-Field Mount Holyoke College
20 Lujun Jian Smith College
21 Yiman Chen Hunter College
22 Rachel Rosa Stevens Institute of Technology
T23 Ariella Kerendian Yeshiva University
T23 Allison Shum Queens College
25 Brittani Ivan Bryn Mawr College
26 Maria Cruz Campos Stevens Institute of Technology
27 Yaeli Lora Hunter College
T28 Tessie Uturbia Stevens Institute of Technology
T28 Chang Liu Smith College
30 Cindy McSmith Hunter College
31 Nili Greenberg Yeshiva University
T32 Emily Kamo Meyer Bryn Mawr College
T32 Tamar Shiller Yeshiva University


1 Julie McEldonn Stevens Institute of Technology
2 Erin Hatcher Stevens Institute of Technology
3 Youmna Elsaved Stevens Institute of Technology
4 Angela Acevedo Queens College
5 Judine Watkis City College of New York
6 Kristian Wu Rutgers University
7 Kirstin Wu Rutgers University
8 Lai Chung Hunter College
9 Megan Desir Hunter College
10 Angelina Nou University of Maryland
11 Norine Chan Hunter College
12 Courtney Gnash Stevens Institute of Technology
13 Carmella Schwab Rutgers University
14 Christy Tse U.S. Naval Academy
T15 Kellie Vertetis Stevens Institute of Technology
T15 Cartier Alonzo Queens College
17 Noam Dery Yeshiva University
18 Tasha Talbot U.S. Naval Academy
19 Rochelle Reyes Queens College
20 Madeline Klein Smith College
21 Vivian Belenky University of Maryland
22 Rebecca Kerzner Yeshiva University
23 Anna Vaculik Mount Holyoke College
24 Jamie Baum Yeshiva University
25 Sara Roche U.S. Naval Academy
26 Veda Nambi Bryn Mawr College
27 Kiera McCabe Mount Holyoke College
28 Madeline Megargee University of Maryland
29 Sima Fried Yeshiva University
30 Anita Brown Bryn Mawr College
31 Sara Kaye Queens College
32 Miriam Moran City College of New York
33 Avery Aghazarian Bryn Mawr College
34 Oralia Navarrete Hunter College


1 Julia Yang Stevens Institute of Technology
2 Holly Barszcz Rutgers University
3 Madeleine Daniell Stevens Institute of Technology
4 Rosa Cartagena Mount Holyoke College
5 Michelle Drobish Stevens Institute of Technology
6 Sara Shea U.S. Naval Academy
7 Erin Goodler University of Virginia
8 Jessica Truong Rutgers University
9 Kate Mitchell Rutgers University
10 Tiffany Clarke Smith College
11 Alessandra Early Mount Holyoke College
12 Tina Chen Hunter College
13 Sharon Groenow Queens College
14 Shana Horn Yeshiva University
T15 Domica Roberts City College of New York
T15 Tasnin Halim Hunter College
17 Sora Gordon Yeshiva University
18 Rani Silvert Yeshiva University
19 Sharona Maynard Yeshiva University
20 Emily Ward Bryn Mawr College
21 Elizabeth Ann Newberry Bryn Mawr College
22 Xiaofei Li University of Virginia
23 Lyric William Smith College
24 Jessica Chen Hunter College
25 Tanya Malykn University of Maryland
26 Zihing Shen Bryn Mawr College