Trophies and Medals
Foil Team Champion Mildred Stuyvesant Fish Trophy
Epee Team Champion Raymond Miller Trophy
Donated by students of Ray Miller
Saber Team Champion Giorgio Santelli Trophy
Donated by George Santelli, Inc.
Combined Weapon Team Champion Olympian Trophy
Donated by NIWFA Olympians
Combined Weapon Team Runner-Up West Point Trophy 
Donated by the USMA Women's Team
Team Medals Julia Jones Medals 
to each member of the first four teams
Individual Foil Champion Julia Jones Trophy
Donated by NIWFA Alumnae
Individual Epee Champion Salle Santelli, New Jersey
Women's Team Epee Trophy
Individual Saber Champion NIWFA Saber Trophy
Individual Medals Julia Jones Medals to eight finalists
The Julia Jones Medal, depicting a likeness of the first champion and founder of the Association, was designed by her husband, artist Anthony Pugliese. The design was adapted from a photograph of Julia. 
Julia Jones
New York University